Snuggles the Unicorn FAQ



How to download?

On Monday, November 9th

To download and play test the Snuggles the Unicorn Prototype head to this website: 


Download the Bossa Presents Launcher from the site and save it to your PC. 

Please be aware that this prototype is only available for PC’s currently. 

How to install?

Run the downloaded Bossa Presents Launcher and follow the on screen instructions. 

It is important to give permission on the Windows Defender firewall if you are asked.

If you still have the old version of Bossa Presents please re-launch the launcher, or close it down completely in task manager and re-open it.

What is the game?

Snuggles the Unicorn is an adorable game about farming, friendship, building a cute town, murdering hellspawn and looting their corpses for valuable resources. Y’know, just the usual stuff. 

Join Snuggles on his adventures through the town of Cloppington and into the darkest regions of hell. Avenge his friends whilst building a smashing mechsuit, baking delightful cakes and a beautiful home to die for. 

Game Controls

Controls in Snuggles Land

  • Use Mouse and Keyboard - No controller support
  • WASD - Movement
  • SPACE - Jump
  • E – Interact with objects, e.g. shake trees, access crafting table etc.
  • Scroll Mousewheel – Scrolls through inventory
  • Click Mousewheel & Move Mouse – Rotate Camera
  • LMB – Pick up items (Cloppington)
  • RMB – Place items (Cloppington)
  • Left-click and drag items to move items between the inventory and backpack

Controls in Hell

  • Use Mouse and Keyboard - No controller support
  • Move mouse to aim weapon
  • LMB - Shoot
  • R - Reload
  • Esc – access pause menu (Hell)

Gameplay objectives

  • Find your Mechsuit
  • Rescue the Town Mayor from hell
  • Unlock the Town
  • Defeat Satan!
  • Learn how to craft new Mechsuit Upgrades
  • Learn how to Farm and create more Mechsuit Upgrades
  • Explore the land of Snuggles 

Gameplay Tips

  • In snuggles land, make sure you know how to craft upgrades and new aesthetic items to decorate with.
  • Make sure you know how to farm, this will provide upgrades.
  • In hell, remember to keep moving as you are shooting. It makes it harder for those damned hellspawn to hit you. 
  • Search for the keys that unlock the critical doors. 
  • Remember to collect the resources that hell spawn drop. You’ll be able to use these to craft and farm new items. 

About the Game Prototype production

First things first,

  • This game concept is a prototype!
  • There are bugs! But please do feel free to report issues to us through the discord channel
  • Also please attach your log file from C:\Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Bossa Studios\Snuggles\output_log.txt

How can you help? 

Play the game!

Join the Discord channel

Complete the survey

Let us know what you think!

Customer Support 

Currently the Snuggles the Unicorn prototype only runs on Windows.

Game controllers are not supported, controls are driven by Mouse and Keyboard.

Please be aware that due to the game being a prototype, we're limited on the amount of technical support we can offer, but as mentioned above, if you experience any issues please do bring them to our attention so that we're aware of them.

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