Troubleshooting Game "Unavailable"

If Surgeon Simulator 2 is displaying as “unavailable” or "server offline" in your library, and you have purchased the game, please take the following steps to redeem your ticket to surgery:

  1. Exit the Epic Games Store, closing it on your system tray, too 
  2. Locate the Epic Games Launcher folder on your PC! Here’s how to do that: 

Search “c:/users” to find it or, alternatively, copy this file path: 


  1. In this folder, you’ll see a file named “GameUserSettings.ini.” Go ahead and delete this file from the folder! 
  2. After the “GamerUserSettings.ini” file has been deleted, restart (re-open) the Epic Games Store

If the game is STILL unavailable - particularly if you've been given a key by Bossa or have played in the Alpha / Beta:

  1. Uninstall any older versions of Surgeon Simulator 2
  2. Log out
  3. Reinstall Epic Launcher
  4. Surgeon Simulator 2 should now be available for installation

You should now see Surgeon Simulator 2 in your Epic Games Store Library, ready to download. Hit the download button and start enjoying the game!

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