World War AI FAQ



How to download?

On Saturday 16th May 12pm BST

To download and play test the WWAI Prototype head to this website: 


Download the Bossa Presents WWAI Launcher from the site and save it to your PC. 

Please be aware that this prototype is only available for PC’s currently. 

How to install?

Run the downloaded Bossa Presents Launcher and follow the on screen instructions. 

It is important to give permission on the Windows Defender firewall if you are asked.

If you still have the old version of Bossa Presents please re-launch the launcher, or close it down completely in task manager and re-open it.

What is the game?

Earth has been taken over by robots, controlled by a central AI, while humans have been forced to live in space on a base. If the humans have any chance of destroying the AI, they must risk flying to Earth on guerilla missions to gather precious resources and build what they need to fight back and take control of their planet. There’s just one major problem - the AI is taking the same resources and is building a superweapon to destroy the humans once and for all. It’s a race against time for the humans. Can they take down the AI before it wipes out their whole species?

WWAI is a cooperative FPS that sees a team of four players launching Guerilla raids down onto the planet to gather vital resources and escape before the enemy AI robots wipe them out. With collected resources, new weapons and equipment can be researched and unlocked. This equipment is vital in order to take out the enemy AI base. Good luck!

How to join a game

  • Remember to give permission on the Windows Defender firewall if you are asked
  • You can create or join a named named room on the main menu UI
    • The name of the room is required and case sensitive
    • If you don't mark a named room as private people searching for random rooms can find it
    • If you are synchronizing with other team members using a call please allow the host to be fully loaded up inside the space station before the other players connect. The first to connect to a room will be the host, but you can currently check your role on the UI after connection
  • You can also join or create a random room which will match you with anyone else choosing that option (or people in non-private named rooms)
  • The game supports hot join but we have not extensively tested that
    • When you run the game, Windows Defender may say you're trying to run an executable from an untrustworthy source and ask if you're OK with that.
    • Then Windows Firewall may ask if you are willing to allow WWAI access to use your network.
    • Saying yes to both will get you into the game.

Game Controls

  • Use Mouse and Keyboard - No controller support
  • WASD - Movement
  • SPACE - Jump
  • LMB - Shoot
  • RMB - Aim down sights
  • R - Reload
  • M - Map
  • Q - Build Menu (remember to collect resources)
    • Rotate buildings with the mouse wheel
    • LMB - Build selected item
    • RMB - Cancels build
  • E - Collect resources
  • B - Voice Chat
  • A-D - Change respawn point
    If you have more than one respawn pod

Gameplay objectives

  • Go down to planet with your team
  • Collect resources
  • Call in an escape pod
  • Load on your resources
  • Start the countdown timer
  • Tip: starting the timer will attract the full attention of the AI
  • Get out with the resources before you're overrun!
  • Good luck - you'll need it!

Gameplay Tips

  • If you run off on your own - you will die
  • Stick together with your team
  • Communicate via chat (Press and hold B to chat to your teammates - or use discord!)

About the Game Prototype production

First things first,

  • This game concept is a prototype!
  • There are bugs! But please do feel free to report issues to us through the discord channel
  • Also please attach your log file from C:\Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Bossa Studios\WWAI\output_log.txt

Please be aware that this game prototype will only be available from Saturday 16th until Sunday 24th May 2020 via Bossa Presents. 

The LaunchBossa Presents Pigeon Simulator, I Am Fish and Trash Bandits will return during the following week. 

How can you help? 

Play the game!

Join the Discord channel

Complete the survey

Let us know what you think!

Customer Support 

Currently the WWAI prototype only runs on Windows.

Game controllers are not supported, controls are driven by Mouse and Keyboard. 

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