[Steam] 7th November - Update #2

  1. Level Select! Unlocks level by level throughout the game
  2. More resolution options! Including 4k! Pick what your GPU can handle!
  3. Added language selection via command line:
    1. Right click The Bradwell Conspiracy in your Steam Library.
    2. Select preferences
    3. In the launch options add "-lang" followed by your language of choice using the shorthand codes shown in the image below:


  1. Changes to the SMP rotation system - rotation persists regardless of object position
  2. Fixed object snapping on ledges
  3. UI Indicators appear in the correct positions
  4. Control sensitivity gets saved and persists
  5. Better dead zone to joystick controls
  6. Contextual movement sensitivity improvements - smooth sensitivity curve on analog inputs
  7. Blurry textures for letters
  8. D14 door now has a no-print symbol on the floor
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