Bossa Presents - Update 1 Patch Notes

Pigeon Simulator


Added Sticky Poop:

If you sticky-poop on an object (dev speech: anything with a rigidbody), it’ll create an adhesive cord (think Spiderman’s websling) allowing you to carry and toss said thing around.

Added cold poop:

If you cold-poop on a human, they’ll be frozen. Grab them and let them fall from high enough in order to shatter their body into pieces that you, of course, can then eat. 

Added puke as a ground attack:

Are you trapped on the ground by a circle of humans without any foreseeable means of escape? Enter: puke attack.

Better Notifications:

We’ve also added new notifications with helpful hints and tips to ensure you’re flying circles around those pesky exterminators in no time. 

Better Explosions:

Cars explode with a little more panache now, not only leaving a destroyed version behind, but also killing all humans in the vicinity.

I am Fish



Brand new level added: Club Bar-nardshire.

You’re part of the VIP section's aquarium.

Cross dance floors and avoid drunk people. Getting back to the ocean from here isn’t going to be easy.


  • Starting pedestal made easier to get off of.
  • Some level adjustments to make them easier.
  • Toned down water reflections.


  • Fixed dying in water on level 2.
  • Fixed being able to return to previous checkpoints.
  • Fixed music sometimes not transitioning correctly.

Trash Bandits



New trash types - trash with special properties!

  • Vacuum - Easily pulls trash into the back of your truck.
  • Nitro - Causes the garbage truck to boost away.
  • Freeze - Freezes the garbage truck shut, blocking any trash from getting in.
  • Score Boost - Increases how much score you get for long range shot.
  • Gas Canister - Will explode, sending anyone nearby flying away.
  • Added tutorial prompt.
  • New UI.


  • Reduced how much score it takes to win.


  • Stopped ability to gain points after the game has ended.
  • Fixed lamps all despawning after one was hit.


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