Known Issues


  • Apple
  • PC
  • PS4
  • Switch
  • Xbox One
  • Global

Blurriness - We are actively investigating and compiling reports about blurriness and lack of visual fidelity. However, before we can come up with a plan we need more information. Please make a support ticket and provide the following:

  • Device Spec
  • Area of the game (If applicable)
  • Screenshot

Low FPS - We're investigating this our end, but there are things you can try too!

  • If the device is getting hot then it affects the frame rate because of thermal throttling
  • To alleviate and for general performance optimisation please see this article

Amber will not reply to any photo sent a.k.a "Amber Lock." - This is a rare one but it is on our radar. Most of the time this can be fixed by reloading your save! More information is always helpful though. Please provide:

  • What dialogue line Amber said prior to the lock IDEALLY
  • Level
  • Puzzle

Camera Sensitivity

  • Will be addressed in a future update.

Options settings resetting on exit

  • Will be addressed in a future update.

Subtitle Language

  • At the moment you will have to change the native language of your device in order to do this.
  • PC - We are exploring the possibility of adding a launch option to change subtitle language independently.

Stuck / Lost

  • Ask Amber (send her pictures of specific things that stand out)
  • Check Activity Feed
  • Ask on the Discord
  • Ask Customer Support (although we'll try and hint rather than outright tell you!)

SMP issues - Quality of Life improvements being worked on.

  • Falling into water (water treatment) - restart the save
  • Some planks will be made facing into the player, rotate them around.
  • Try and not rotate objects in the air.
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