Controller Issues

Recommended Controllers

In general we highly recommend using a controller with I am Bread instead of keyboard and mouse. It makes what is a challenging game slightly easier.

As referenced in our minimum spec you'll find in the list below controllers which we officially support. We recommend these controllers to have the best experience when playing I am Bread:

  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • OUYA
  • Logitech F310/F710
  • Speedlink Strike
  • NVIDIA Shield controller

Other controllers may work without issue although we cannot guarantee this. 

When using any controller please ensure that the drivers you are using are up to date.

Common Problems

Problem: Pressing both triggers at once on a Logitech controller causes both triggers to release
Solution: Switch to DInput, there should be a switch on the back of your controller with an X and a D. Switch it to D. If it doesn't work after that try resetting the game.

Problem: Multiple gamepads connected causes the game to not recognise any gamepads.
Solution: Disconnect all but one and it will work.

Problem: Gamepad triggers don't work.
Solution: This seems to only affect Windows 8 and 8.1 (you know, those small operational systems some people use...) You should be able to work around this issue by replacing your Windows 8 360 pad drivers with Windows 7 ones.


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