How to Request a Refund


Please bear in mind Bossa can only refund games directly ourselves if they were purchased on the Google Play store.

For every other platform (Steam, Apple etc) you will need to contact their support team directly.

  • Please click here for Steam Support
    • Bear in mind Steam will offer a no questions asked refund if you purchased the game within 14 days and played for less than 2 hours

Outside of the 2 day window you will need to contact Bossa customer support directly via the 'submit a request' link in the top right of the screen.

We have a similar policy to other distributors - a 2 week limit on refund requests. After this point we will only be able to refund a product in exceptional circumstances.

Before we can submit a refund request from Google we need a your order number.

You can access your order history by a few different methods, you can find a guide on how to do this by clicking here to see how. All we need is the order number then we can submit the refund.


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