Purrfect Date FAQ


What purr-latforms is the game available on?

Currently, the game is available for Windows PCs on Steam only.

If you wish to see the game available for alternate platforms on Steam (Mac, Linux) please wishlist the game so we can judge demand!

What about a mobile version?

We have plans to release an iOS version of the game sometime in the future. Make sure you’re following the game on Twitter for news on this.

No plans for Android or Windows phones yet, sorry! :3

What does the ‘Deluxe Edition’ contain?

The Deluxe edition of the game includes The Purrfect Date Original Soundtrack by Oliver 'Age 24' Hindle featuring 18 original songs.

Fully remastered by Oliver, you'll find the files in your Steam directory upon purchase: ...Steam\steamapps\common\Purrfect Date\Soundtrack OST

Do I play as a cat or a human?

A human, duh, we want the game to be relatable.

Can I play as a dog?

No, that would not be realistic, this is a realistic game.

Are there gay cats?

What an old-fashioned question. Get with the times Gran! Our cats are blind to gender, as should we all be.

What’s a cat?

It’s like a dog but much sexier.

Seriously though, is this bestiality?

This game is art. Art is open to interpretation. I think asking this question, says more about you than it does about the game. Maybe you should ask yourself “Is it I, that is the bestiality?”

Is this game suitable for children?

There are themes of alcohol, animal abuse and some mild flirting - but we'd say it was more cheeky humour than a purr-vert's dream lol.

To be sure we'd suggest that you play the game together to supervise initially. 

Where can I report a bug?

We're all praying to Bastet, the Goddess of Cats, that there are no bugs left within Purrfect Date.

If this is not the case and something cat-astrophic happens, please create a ticket to let us know all about it!

If you also know what claws-ed them to happen, that would be super useful too.


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