[Android] Differences Between Free and Premium / How to Find Free Version

After DDD was released we realised that the game worked better as a pay once premium game, rather than a free to play game with microtransactions. 

If you uninstalled the old free version of the game during this transition you should still be able to access it.

What you'll need to do first is access the free version of DDD again.

You can find it in the My App section of the play store.

  • Once you have opened the Play Store, open the options bar on the top left
  • The My Apps section should be there.
  • Tap on My Apps then on the All tab to see all the apps you have downloaded in the past.
  • Now you can scroll down the list to find the free version of Deep Dungeons of Doom, which should have all your in app purchases intact. (This may be a long list depending on your purchasing activity.)

There are a few differences between the paid and free version. The core game is the same, apart from the first 5 dungeons have been slightly rebalanced (They are basically shorter now). You can also no longer buy revive tokens, even with in game money. They can only be found by completing secret endings in dungeons, which means there is a finite number of them in the new version. The equipment shop in the premium version has less powerful equipment, but it's also cheaper, and high-level skills are cheaper as well.

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